67 Burger

About 67

About 67 Burger
"The best burger I ever had, and I'm not prone to superlatives. It just simply is a fact."
- George K., yelp.com

67 Burger is a burger joint. It's a burger joint with heart. And finesse. It's also a place where you can get unpretentious, perfectly-cooked food, made with the best ingredients, at a reasonable price, time after time. We pride ourselves on it. 67 Burger wants you to be happy. Making you happy makes us happy. So, we make sure our menu has plenty of options. Want a burger? Easy. We offer thirteen artfully crafted styles of burger. Each one is made with grass-fed, grain-finished, all natural beef from farms who are committed to responsibly-raising their meat. Ground fresh daily and grilled to desired temp. But, maybe that's not what you want. Maybe you like designing your own burger, maybe you pride yourself on being a burger artiste. So, we have eight different kinds of cheese and 18 other toppings all at your disposal because you know how to design your perfect burger.

Not in the mood for a burger? Maybe you're a vegetarian? There's CHICKEN. And TURKEY. And TOFU. And VEGGIE PATTIES. All available with the same toppings as the burgers, all there to make you happy. Seriously. We have SALADS. Fresh, crisp, and healthy salads that are tasty, satisfying and not even remotely an afterthought. Yes, we're a burger place, but we just want you to be happy. So, if you want a salad, we're going to make you a salad. And, we're going to make sure it's delicious. The easiest way to make you happy? Probably milkshakes. We even figured out a way to put beer in ours. Result? Smiles abound.